Upon The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail

The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail

“Pine Tree” barn quilt mural in Bremen, IN

Started in 2001 by an Ohio woman, to honor of her mother’s Appalachian, quilting heritage, barn quilting is a new tradition whose appeal is reflected in The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail.

And what, do you ask, is a barn quilt?

A barn quilt is a square board, usually somewhere in the range of 4 to 8 feet in width, decorated to resemble a quilt block and hung on the exterior of a barn or other type building. Real, cloth quilts are made up of many of these blocks of color but barn quilts typically feature only one block.

As with traditional quilts, no two heirloom barn quilt blocks are the same. Many are designed to celebrate the history of the family or culture that has fashioned them. The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail brings tradition, color, and art to a landscape already worthy of your eye.

The interesting thing about these quilt block murals is how those not aware of their origin automatically assume they are part of an old and long-held tradition – and understandably so! Quilting certainly is of such a tradition as well as the community that the quilting represents but barn quilts are a very new, yet somehow also natural, addition to the quilting culture.

The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail features over 50 quilt block murals, with designs celebrating quilting, art, agriculture, and pride in community. These colorful, geometric patterns adorn local barns and public spaces in downtown areas in towns such as Bremen and Plymouth, bringing a real charm to the beautiful, rolling countryside.

The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail

For more details and a downloadable map, please visit: www.visitmarshallcounty.org

Scottish Bed and Breakfast is proud to be in a community that is part of The Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail and would love to host you during your stay – let us show you the Hoosier hospitality that is such a part of the tradition that the quilt square murals hope to depict and promote.

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