Visit Nappanee’s Dutch Village Market!

Dutch Village MarketIf you’ve a hankering for some good, old fashioned fun in Northern Indiana Amish country then a visit to Nappanee’s Dutch Village Market is just the ticket!

At first blush, the Dutch Village Market in Nappanee might not sound like much of an attraction – oh, boy: a market – but Dutch Village Market is so much more than just your typical market!

Originally known as “The Borkholder Dutch Village,” the Dutch Village Market is a veritable treasure trove: 70,000, climate controlled square feet of specialty shops selling everything from antiques to produce, books to furniture, children’s toys to tools … but Dutch Village Market is not just about shopping – a visit to Dutch Village Market is an experience all on its own.

Things move at a slightly different pace at Dutch Village Market because that’s what Dutch Village Market is all about: quaint, slow, relaxing, and rural. Don’t believe me? Take a walk through the Main Street Shops, designed to look and feel like the main street of a classic, Americana town, complete with a schoolhouse!

While it is true that bargain hunters and collectors will love the hundreds of craft, gift, and antique booths with their endless selection of unique goods – hand crafted products, solid wood furniture, home interior decorations, gifts, antiques, recycled items, books, specialty coffees, food, vintage linens, classic glassware and so much more! – fans of old-time America will revel in the sights and sounds that transport them back to an earlier, simpler time.

Dutch Market Village hosts special events throughout the year, too –

Dutch Market Village Special Event Schedule for Fall 2015
Weekly Auction and Flea Market – Every Tuesday with supper and snacks at the concession stand
Weekly Hay Auction – Every Tuesday at 3pm
Weekly Produce Auction – Every Tuesday and Friday, 4pm
2nd Saturdays Special Sales and Events – 9am to 5pm

Dutch Village Market

700 N Tomahawk Trail, Nappanee, IN
Monday through Saturday, 9am to 5pm

Dutch Village Market Lodging
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