It’s Up, Up, And Away On A Bremen Hot Air Balloon Ride!

It's up, up, and away on a Bremen Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Get a new perspective with a
Bremen Hot Air Balloon Adventure!

There’s nothing like floating high as a bird above scenic Northern Indiana Amish Country – and now you can with a Bremen hot air balloon ride!

Hot air ballooning was humanity’s first successful challenge to gravity and, though we have far surpassed it now with jets and rockets, many would say hot air ballooning is still one of the purest forms of manned flight – and you can experience the simple grace and elegance of ballooning with a Bremen hot air balloon trip.

The serenity and gentle beauty of hot air ballooning is the real secret to its appeal. On a plane, the noise of the air rushing past the fuselage and the sound of the engine in the enclosed passenger compartment distracts and competes with what little view you have of the landscape below. Not so on a Bremen hot air balloon ride!

Balloon flight is nearly silent and the passenger compartment – a large, sturdy basket securely suspended below the balloon – is open to the air. It’s just you and your companions drifting over a wide, wonderful world that slowly unfolds beneath you in all directions, as far as the eye can see.

Even better, Bremen hot air balloon trips include not just the ride but the whole experience from start to finish.

You’ll be there, usually just around dawn, as the balloon is unpacked, stretched out, and slowly filled with air. You wont believe just how large a hot air balloon really is until you’re looking into one as it fills! First it is filled with a fan and then with a propane burner, which heats the air to give the balloon loft.

After that, it’s into the basket and up, up, and away! Bremen hot air balloon flights last around an hour, then it’s down again. Landings can be a little bumpy but don’t worry. There are plenty of safety-measures in place and the hot air balloon pilot will direct you as to what to expect, making sure everyone has a safe, fun, experience of a lifetime.

Bremen Hot Air Balloon Rides

Northern Indiana Amish Country’s natural beauty provides perfect vistas for hot air ballooning and there are a number of companies out there offering Bremen hot air balloon rides:

Tru Balloons South Bend
Balloon Rides Over Indiana
Bremen Balloon Rides
Indiana Ballooning
American Flight Adventures
Bremen Hot Air Balloons

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