Fall Flower Carpets Along The Heritage Trail

Fall Flower Carpets Along The Heritage Trail

Summer is busy changing into fall and, in northern Indiana, that means it’s time once again for the colorful Fall Flower Carpets Along The Heritage Trail!

Every year, the Northern Indiana towns of Elkhart and Nappanee go all out to produce the dazzling displays of North America’s only Fall Flower Carpets. Like the Quilted Gardens we’ve highlighted before, Fall Flower Carpets are displays of thousands of different colored blossoms arranged into intricate patterns resembling giant, beautiful carpets!

This year’s Fall Flower Carpet displays will share a “Celebrate the Arts” theme and will again be created with pots of over 7,000 variously colored mums for each carpet – meaning 14,000 mums in total.

I’ll just let that sink in for a moment …

Elkhart’s Fall Flower Carpet design for 2014 will be displayed in the Arts and Entertainment District’s Central Park and is set to pay tribute to the mighty “Mohawk” No. 3001 steam locomotive that is on display at the National NY Central Railroad Museum.

Nappanee’s 2014 Fall Flower Carpet will be located downtown at the Nappanee Center and this year’s pattern is meant to honors the town’s rich and city-wide history of theater and dramatic arts. Nappanee’s Fall Flower Carpet will also include night-time illumination as well as music themed to enhance the effect of the one-of-a-kind design.

Both Fall Flower Carpet displays will fill an entire city block with vibrant color and feature elevated viewing platforms to allow visitors to see the entirety of the jewel-toned carpet designs at once.

Flower designs as a popular attraction got their start in Belgium, where the annual Flower Carpet Festival has been held to great acclaim since 1970. The Fall Flower Carpets of Elkhart and Nappanee are in their third and second years, respectively, and the reception they’ve received thus far leads us to believe we have many more returns in the future! Come out and see them!

Fall Flower Carpets Along The Heritage Trail

September 27th through October 15th
In Elkhart: Downtown A&E District’s Central Park
Waterfall Drive & High Street
In Nappanee: Nappanee Center
300 West Market Street

Fall Flower Carpet Lodging
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