Visit The Village at Winona

Visit the Village at WinonaThere is a little arts community on the shores of Winona Lake just southeast of us that makes for a wonderful Northern Indiana day trip: The Village at Winona.

Winona Lake has a rich past and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally Eagle Lake, Winona Lake was once home to the Potawatomi Indians. The arrival of European settlers changed this, however and, by the mid 1830’s, the area’s natural springs were attracting farmers and settlers alike.

By the 1900’s, the area was booming. Killarney Castle and the Swiss Terrace were built at this time, along with the Agricultural Institute, the Technical Institute, Winona College, and many other prominent landmarks and institutions. Famous baseball-player-turned-evangelist Billy Sunday, whose followers numbered in the thousands across the country, built his home here and William Jennings Bryan was a familiar face. In less than 10 years the once quiet community was boasting up to 10,000 visitors during peak season.

Always a religious center, at its peak Winona Lake hosted the headquarters of numerous religious organizations, such as the Free Methodist Church, Grace Brethren Church, Oriental Mission Society, and Grace College, to name just a few. No wonder Winona Lake become known as The World’s Largest Bible Conference!

The 20th century saw many ups and downs in the fortune of Winona Lake, as with the rest of the country. By the 1990’s, the community of Winona Lake consisted primarily of slum housing but the Winona Restoration Company worked hard to bring back the area’s former glory. Their restoration work has resulted in The Village at Winona: a vibrant, thriving arts community, rich in history, art galleries, shopping, dining, festivals, and concerts.

Many of the shops in The Village at Winona offer one of a kind, original artwork and handmade gifts crafted on site. Experience the old world charm of watching an artisan at work amid the historic architecture. The Village at Winona manages to be both quaint and upscale at the same time, offering every visitor a unique and unforgettable experience

For a list of events, restaurants, shops, and more at The Village at Winona, be sure to check out their website:

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