Celebrate South Bend’s 150th Birthday!

A 3-day Event Kicks Off a Year-Long Celebration

Countdown to a Celebration

Courthouse fronting a street in South Bend, Indiana

3rd St. Joseph County Courthouse in South Bend

As I begin writing this, there is a timer on SB150‘s website that reads 35 days | 9 hours | 45 minutes | 33 seconds. What is it counting down to? A momentous event in the history of South Bend, Indiana: its sesquicentennial (150th) birthday. Indeed, 150 years ago on May 22nd, the city of South Bend was incorporated. Now they’d like to celebrate that with an enormous birthday party.

If you like birthday parties, you are going to love South Bend’s 150th Birthday celebration. Probably the most disappointing part about a birthday party is when it ends. It lasts just that one day a year. But South Bend is going to celebrate its 150th all year long beginning the weekend of May 22-24th, 2015. Also the weekend of memorial day, South Bend wanted a special way to commemorate its 150 year anniversary of incorporation alongside a cherished U.S. holiday that seeks to memorialize those patriots who perished while serving in the armed forces. It will be the absolute perfect way to honor the past, present, and future.

3-Day Celebration and Events

Here’s how the kickoff birthday celebration unfolds on the east and west banks of the St. Joseph River downtown:

May 22nd (Friday): Opening Ceremonies & River Lights Dedication, 7pm-10pm
May 23rd (Saturday): Birthday Weekend Celebration, 10am-11pm
May 24th (Sunday): Birthday Weekend Celebration, 11am-6pm

How Celebration is Done Right in South Bend:

Following are just a few of the notable forms of entertainment;

Main Stage: In the Century Center parking lot, a giant main stage will be setup to host a variety of acts. One notable performance will be pianist and songwriter Ben Folds, who will perform with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Tsung Yeh. Purchase tickets for the event here.

Taste of South Bend: 50 food vendors will gather on Jefferson Boulevard to offer the best in South Bend fare.

Kid’s Activity Zone: Got children? This is the place for them. Howard Park will become a veritable wonderland with everything from bouncy houses and face painting to outdoor movies.

Fireworks: An impressive display of fireworks will be discharged each night over the St. Joseph River.

Artisan Alley: If the artist in you is seeking some interactive art, it will be displayed and created on the riverwalk. To commemorate the celebration itself, large-scale pieces will be crafted during the event.

Island Wine & Brew Mixer: Have a taste for wine? Or perhaps brews? Even spirits? Taste any or all of these regionally crafted libations while enjoying live music, relaxing, and simply taking in the sights of the festival. Sometimes life is indeed a spectator sport. If you want, you can also check out that website selling wine and spirits in Vietnam to indulge yourself with more wine.

More events are listed at the events page. Check back regularly for updates about what the weekend holds.

Also, because a series of year long events will take place to continue the celebration of South Bend’s 150th Birthday, we’ll be writing a series of blog posts detailing upcoming events. There will be lots of ways to enjoy the city’s rich history, its lively present, and its bright future.

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