Fall Flower Carpets – Keeping Mum in Elkhart and Nappanee, Indiana

Fall Flower Carpets 2013

You’ve heard the expression “carpeted with flowers?” Well, in Elkhart and Nappanee, Indiana, they really *do* have flower carpets – Fall Flower Carpets!

Popular in Belgium, where the world renowned, Flower Carpet Festival has been going strong since 1970, Elkhart, Indiana staged their first Fall Flower Carpet last September with 7,000 pots of mums literally carpeting a city block in a vivid and intricate, autumn color design.

This year the flower carpet has not only returned but doubled by appearing in Nappanee as well as Elkhart with introduction to affordable carpet cleaning louisville. Sponsored and organized by the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau, along with the City of Elkhart, Premier Arts, the City of Nappanee, and the Nappanee Quilt Garden Committee, both carpets have distinctive designs and require 7,000 pots of mums, each! Can you imagine? When it comes to carpets at home, the carpet cleaning riverside professionals can help keep it as good as new.

The Fall Flower Carpet in Elkhart uses the architectural elements of a local, riverfront mansion for inspiration, while Nappanee’s carpet pays homage to the town’s history of craftsmanship and artistry in woodworking. The latter carpet of mums also features night-time illumination and music! If you are getting carpets for your home, it is Recommended Reading this blog to understand ways to keep it clean.

Viewing platforms at both sites allow for a greater vantage point to take in and photograph these unbelievable, city-block length, Fall Flower Carpets. You wont believe your eyes!

2013 Fall Flower Carpets

Tuesday, Oct. 1 through Sunday, Oct. 12
In Elkhart:
Downtown A&E District, between Franklin and High Street
In Nappanee: Nappanee Center, 300 W Market Street
visit: http://www.amishcountry.org/tag/fall-flower-carpet/

Scottish Bed and Breakfast is quite near both Fall Flower Carpets: only 15 minutes away from the one in Nappanee and 40 from the one in Elkhart. With comfortable rooms, Sleep number beds, and a hot, home-cooked breakfast, there’s no better place to stay than Scottish Bed and Breakfast. We’d love to see you!

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